Big Smoke Autumn Blues Mixtape

by Subculture Sage

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Big Smoke Autumn Blues is the debut mixtape from London duo Subculture Sage, 2016

Mixed/Mastered by Yoram Vazan at Firehouse Studios

“The freshest duo in British Hip Hop” Wonderland Magazine

"A neat balance of wit, self-reflection and bangers. This project is a shining example of what UK Hip Hop can be when left to it's own instincts" Complex

“I’ve been loving the beats from Subculture Sage. My ears prick up every time I hear something new from them!" Nemone/BBC R6

“Packed with fresh ideas and vivid material” Clash

“Witty funny songs backed up by imaginative production" Amazing Radio


“So fresh and so exciting” Zane Lowe

“At the front of UK’s new wave of experimental Hip Hop. Progressively forward thinking… they’re above regurgitating stagnant sounds and genuinely interested in creating something new” Pigeons & Planes

“Stretching the sides of what UK Hip Hop can be” Noisey

“One of the most exciting new UK Hip Hop acts” SBTV

“One of the most exciting hiphop duos around” Daily Mirror

“Subculture Sage have burst from the underground… with mad lyrical skills and some of the hottest beats at the moment” Bestival


released April 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Subculture Sage London, UK

2 Londoners.

Hypeman Sage & Subculture Sounds

"The freshest duo in British Hip Hop" Wonderland Magazine

" One of the most exciting UK Hip Hop acts" SBTV

"A shining example of what UK Hip Hop can be when left to it's own instincts" Complex

“So fresh and so exciting” Zane Lowe

“Progressively forward thinking” Pigeons & Planes

“Stretching the sides of what UK Hip Hop can be” Noisey
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Track Name: Gold
People might say these days that Sage is done with the dibby dibby dibby,
But know where ever this flow goes I'll always have nuff Skippy lyrics with me,
Iv donned this shit from day its how I paved my way while living in this city,
Im a London boy I'll come and destroy anyone who tests just really isn't thinking.
Oi Subby how do they know about us?
No plan, just jammed on some colab stuff
Roll that skud coz now we're known round clubs
Throw hands up we bring that grown man gruff.
People don't know that much bout us, it really is so sad cuz. What they kno bout the times of the nomad thugs and beating a man till his bones snap blud?
I didn't really ever wanna bring it back to a time where man was mad on his grind, all he had was his time and he snatched what he liked, what you thought was yours was actually mine.
With spray cans on the mind we broke into the tracks in the night, yes Graff was the vibe,just a family of rats on a hype - never caught coz we ran for our lives.
It was fun, gimmi the mic and my mind runs, reminiscing bout times of a life gone. It doesn't matter if money comes in and I enquire bucks I'll still be that little shit that I was.
You can throw me a deal and throw me a mill I'll still be that little shit that I was. I'm thinking to steal your big bag of pills, I'm still that little shit that I was!

Is that you rudeboy? Some wasteman don't have a clue rudeboy? Two boys might run up on u rudeboy, take ur phone and both ur shoes rudeboy.
What u gone do rude boy? Get eaten up and then chewed rude boy, get beaten blacker then blue rudeboy. Rudeboy don't act like your rude.

Oi rudeboy, don't watch that, ul get swung with a big "ah fuck off!"
I'm never catting Boone's lyrics always coming with my own, up and in my own so don't watch that.
I rhymed the same thing twice don't watch that, three times now fuck you watch that!
Four times and rahh I'm taking the piss, lazy little shit, five times - watch that.
Schizophrenic, twist the end kick ur head in, lit by 10, sick incentive, this the message:
Fuck ur life get demented, straight to mad skip depression, then youl get it.
Life's not fun its just reckless, make the most this your session, pick your weapon and choose the side which ur repping - bad or evils the question?..
..Let me rise up never come down, one round pill is not enough for the drug hound, some found 16 bags so I run round him.
Peak. Goals. Slums now sick.
Big cheese man never comes down quick.
If reckless makes reckless then reckless has come from what one round did..
... Every bodies repping on a movment, who is who and why they looking stupid? You is you if you recognise and choose it.
They will never televise the music, maybe fake but never none of the true shit.
Who gives what fucks? Bend ur mind and loose it.
2 hits, 4 half's, 1 drops my new shit.

Is that u rudeboy?...